Montgomery-Hoffmann Genealogy

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Clark, Clinton, Ohio



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Montgomery, Clifford  22 Nov 1873Clark, Clinton, Ohio I44947
2 Montgomery, Julia Ann  12 Jul 1878Clark, Clinton, Ohio I44949


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bering, Frank  1860Clark, Clinton, Ohio I40889
2 Bering, Frank  1870Clark, Clinton, Ohio I40889
3 Berring, Baltzer  1870Clark, Clinton, Ohio I44957
4 Cloud, Silas  1850Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1366
5 Cloud, Silas  1860Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1366
6 Extell, Mary Ann  1850Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1354
7 Extell, Mary Ann  1860Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1354
8 Extell, Mary Ann  1870Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1354
9 Mary, Anna  1870Clark, Clinton, Ohio I44958
10 Montgomery, Bertha May  1880Clark, Clinton, Ohio I44948
11 Montgomery, Clifford  1880Clark, Clinton, Ohio I44947
12 Montgomery, David  1850Clark, Clinton, Ohio I36405
13 Montgomery, David  1860Clark, Clinton, Ohio I36405
14 Montgomery, Edward  1850Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1357
15 Montgomery, Edward  1860Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1357
16 Montgomery, Edward  1870Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1357
17 Montgomery, Edward  1880Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1357
18 Montgomery, Hattie F.  1860Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1333
19 Montgomery, John  1850Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1331
20 Montgomery, John  1860Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1331
21 Montgomery, Joseph S.  1850Clark, Clinton, Ohio I36406
22 Montgomery, Joseph S.  1860Clark, Clinton, Ohio I36406
23 Montgomery, Joseph S.  1870Clark, Clinton, Ohio I36406
24 Montgomery, Joseph S.  1880Clark, Clinton, Ohio I36406
25 Montgomery, Julia Ann  1880Clark, Clinton, Ohio I44949
26 Montgomery, Mary E.  1850Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1363
27 Montgomery, Mary E.  1860Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1363
28 Montgomery, Samuel  1850Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1355
29 Montgomery, Samuel  1860Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1355
30 Montgomery, Samuel  1870Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1355
31 Montgomery, Sarah C.  1860Clark, Clinton, Ohio I36408
32 Montgomery, Sarah C.  1870Clark, Clinton, Ohio I36408
33 Montgomery, Stanley Samuel  1900Clark, Clinton, Ohio I44950
34 Montgomery, Susan  1850Clark, Clinton, Ohio I36403
35 Montgomery, Susan  1860Clark, Clinton, Ohio I36403
36 Montgomery, Thomas  1850Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1356
37 Montgomery, Thomas  1860Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1356
38 Montgomery, Viola  1880Clark, Clinton, Ohio I44960
39 Montgomery, William  1850Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1353
40 Montgomery, William  1860Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1353
41 Montgomery, William E.  1850Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1358
42 Montgomery, William E.  1860Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1358
43 Paige, Hattie A.  1900Clark, Clinton, Ohio I37140
44 Paige, Hattie A.  1920Clark, Clinton, Ohio I37140
45 Ruse, Susanna H.  1870Clark, Clinton, Ohio I36401
46 Simmons, Belinda  1860Clark, Clinton, Ohio I1332


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Davis / Loofboro  21 Nov 1829Clark, Clinton, Ohio F906