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Illinois, United States


Latitude: 39.7333339, Longitude: -88.4999778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 A., Martha  Between 1881 and 1882Illinois, United States I105395
2 A., Mary  Jul 1843Illinois, United States I99379
3 A., Mary  Between 1867 and 1868Illinois, United States I98859
4 Acree, Gary Lee  20 Apr 1949Illinois, United States I94668
5 Adaline  Between 1849 and 1850Illinois, United States I105289
6 Addie  Between 1877 and 1878Illinois, United States I105031
7 Adolph, Renetta Ann  1900Illinois, United States I52939
8 Alcorn, Charles Loren  Between 1896 and 1897Illinois, United States I52536
9 Alcorn, Larry Dean   I52543
10 Alcorn, Lloyd Everett  12 Dec 1914Illinois, United States I52537
11 Alcorn, Myrtle  1894Illinois, United States I52651
12 Alcorn, Nina LaVerne  18 Dec 1916Illinois, United States I52538
13 Allen, Bryant  Oct 1881Illinois, United States I103727
14 Alred, Bernice  Between 1895 and 1896Illinois, United States I105279
15 Alred, Loring  Between 1894 and 1895Illinois, United States I105278
16 Alred, Orin  Between 1901 and 1902Illinois, United States I105280
17 Althouse, Michael Floyd  29 May 1947Illinois, United States I95441
18 Anderson, Alvin  20 Nov 1897Illinois, United States I1594
19 Anderson, Rose F.  17 Dec 1857Illinois, United States I114914
20 Anna  Between 1888 and 1889Illinois, United States I105486
21 Augusta  Between 1887 and 1888Illinois, United States I99532
22 Aura  Between 1857 and 1858Illinois, United States I106586
23 Ausbury, Ethel Eleanor  11 Aug 1888Illinois, United States I119041
24 Ausbury, Fred Thomas  12 Nov 1884Illinois, United States I118986
25 Ausbury, Lee Wayne  9 Feb 1906Illinois, United States I118970
26 Ausbury, Roy T.  7 Mar 1880Illinois, United States I118968
27 Ausmus  18 Feb 1917Illinois, United States I104445
28 Ausmus, Mildred Allyne   I50926
29 Ayers, Maria  27 Dec 1857Illinois, United States I119608
30 Ballard, Edith  23 Mar 1890Illinois, United States I105285
31 Barba   I105842
32 Barnes, Horace Raymond  30 Jul 1875Illinois, United States I115800
33 Bateman, Lora H.  11 Sep 1887Illinois, United States I1571
34 Bateman, Margaret   I99774
35 Bateman, Miriam   I99773
36 Beard, Allen Edward   I50810
37 Beard, Mary Louise  6 Jul 1936Illinois, United States I50811
38 Beebe, Calrilla  Nov 1880Illinois, United States I105176
39 Beebe, Edna May  4 Jun 1894Illinois, United States I105177
40 Beebe, Francis M.  8 Mar 1865Illinois, United States I105167
41 Bell, Claude Felix  1886Illinois, United States I103585
42 Bell, Dorothy  Between 1909 and 1910Illinois, United States I103586
43 Bell, Nellie F.   I103587
44 Bell, Opal Fay  Abt Apr 1918Illinois, United States I103588
45 Beyer, Marvin Wilbur  Illinois, United States I95136
46 Blake, Elizabeth  22 Sep 1895Illinois, United States I94608
47 Bontz, Mary  Mar 1888Illinois, United States I119027
48 Bowen, Howard Richard  1 Oct 1915Illinois, United States I104457
49 Bowen, Mavis L.  Between 1910 and 1911Illinois, United States I104456
50 Boylen, John Harold  Between 1903 and 1904Illinois, United States I52280

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Acree, Gary Lee  20 Apr 1949Illinois, United States I94668
2 Althouse, C. Donald  13 Nov 1998Illinois, United States I95155
3 Althouse, Michael Floyd  27 Jan 1968Illinois, United States I95441
4 Althouse, W. Floyd  17 May 1974Illinois, United States I95440
5 Bauer, Elmer Ernest  25 Sep 1894Illinois, United States I9174
6 Bell, Claude Felix  27 Dec 1942Illinois, United States I103585
7 Beyer, Marvin Wilbur  7 Jan 2000Illinois, United States I95136
8 Bielfeldt, Wiebka Karolina Augusta  6 Jul 1957Illinois, United States I95577
9 Brucker, Edward Frederick  16 Jun 1950Illinois, United States I94686
10 Brucker, Harold A.  5 Jan 1914Illinois, United States I95085
11 Brucker, Harold H.  10 May 1911Illinois, United States I94643
12 Brucker, Katherine Elizabeth  15 Sep 1967Illinois, United States I94703
13 Brucker, Roy  1 Feb 1913Illinois, United States I95348
14 Butcher, Hazel Marie  16 Jan 1993Illinois, United States I118975
15 Crouch, Ephraim  Aft 1872Illinois, United States I28749
16 Downs, George R.  27 Apr 1874Illinois, United States I105174
17 Easley, Mary Elizabeth  15 May 1911Illinois, United States I51010
18 Glabe, Katharine Anna  3 Jan 1910Illinois, United States I95049
19 Graves, Laura C.  26 Feb 1890Illinois, United States I41034
20 Greene, Enid Miriam  10 Mar 1904Illinois, United States I116628
21 Haack, Albert  30 Mar 1926Illinois, United States I95560
22 Haack, Emma Bertha  29 Nov 1969Illinois, United States I94647
23 Haack, Herman A.  1981Illinois, United States I95561
24 Hazelton, Amy Almira  13 Apr 1990Illinois, United States I102627
25 Hensen, Martin George  30 May 1945Illinois, United States I96728
26 Hinrichs, Annie  1957Illinois, United States I95541
27 Hinrichs, Ella J.  22 Oct 1973Illinois, United States I94638
28 Hinrichs, Harm  1926Illinois, United States I95540
29 Hinrichs, John H.  13 Jan 1975Illinois, United States I94706
30 Holz, Wilhelmina  9 Apr 1953Illinois, United States I95280
31 Huppert, Clara May  29 Jan 1915Illinois, United States I95231
32 Kelly, Charles H.  18 May 1883Illinois, United States I105172
33 Kerber, Rose Elizabeth  20 Feb 1919Illinois, United States I95134
34 Koehler, Ethel M.  1991Illinois, United States I95562
35 Koehler, Fred  1946Illinois, United States I115394
36 Koehler, Hazel Marie  31 Mar 1960Illinois, United States I95537
37 Koehler, Mabel L.  9 Jul 1997Illinois, United States I95533
38 Lanham, Lucy Naomi  9 Feb 1938Illinois, United States I52043
39 Lohmeyer, Earnest Hugo  13 Jan 1990Illinois, United States I96734
40 Lohmeyer, Mark Earnest  28 Apr 1955Illinois, United States I96741
41 Martens, William August  4 Nov 1956Illinois, United States I95525
42 Maxon, J. Shirley  14 Apr 1942Illinois, United States I116815
43 Mayfield, Isriah  1900Illinois, United States I51868
44 Meyer, Erma C.  6 Jun 1959Illinois, United States I95417
45 Meyer, Esther A.  16 Aug 1992Illinois, United States I95433
46 Meyer, Leata  13 Jun 1953Illinois, United States I95442
47 Meyer, Magdalena  31 Oct 1961Illinois, United States I94636
48 Meyer, Walter J.  11 Apr 1983Illinois, United States I95452
49 Ramey, Mary Louise  1958Illinois, United States I90425
50 Roesch, Earl Henry  16 Jun 1988Illinois, United States I96725

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Gerdes, Marline Louise  21 Nov 1942Illinois, United States I96593
2 Osburn, Hardy B.  Illinois, United States I81875
3 Osburn, Mary Jane  Illinois, United States I81878
4 Winder, Luella Dottie  20 Nov 1924Illinois, United States I53295


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alcorn, Lloyd Everett  22 Dec 1914Illinois, United States I52537
2 Arnold, Myrtle Ruth  Abt Mar 1918Illinois, United States I51310
3 Bacon, Marietta Lauthan  Between 1876 and 1877Illinois, United States I51189
4 Bell, Claude Felix  Between 1887 and 1888Illinois, United States I103585
5 Bingham, Edward B.  Between 1887 and 1888Illinois, United States I92408
6 Bowen, Howard Richard  Abt Oct 1916Illinois, United States I104457
7 Bowen, Mavis L.  18 Sep 1914Illinois, United States I104456
8 C., Mollie  Between 1896 and 1897Illinois, United States I103736
9 Carter, Olive May  15 Mar 1875Illinois, United States I52510
10 Carveth, George Preston  Oct 1862Illinois, United States I51224
11 Carveth, John Preston  Nov 1894Illinois, United States I103543
12 Chaney, Eddie  Between 1867 and 1868Illinois, United States I106332
13 Chaney, Evalyn  Between 1857 and 1858Illinois, United States I106320
14 Cory, Anna I.  Apr 1864Illinois, United States I43170
15 Cory, William Ross  17 Jan 1847Illinois, United States I43168
16 Craig, Nellie Hazel  Between 1900 and 1901Illinois, United States I52954
17 Crawford, Sadie  Oct 1893Illinois, United States I105394
18 Crouch, Alta Agnes  12 Aug 1894Illinois, United States I76808
19 Crouch, John Frank  Between 1855 and 1856Illinois, United States I81153
20 Crouch, Margaret  Mar 1860Illinois, United States I81155
21 Dobey, Reuben L.   I52625
22 Easley, Mary Elizabeth  Oct 1848Illinois, United States I51010
23 Felch, Alice  Aug 1861Illinois, United States I106257
24 Frank, Minnie M.  25 Nov 1892Illinois, United States I761
25 Hardman, Maria E.  Between 1851 and 1852Illinois, United States I79663
26 Hardman, Sarah A.  Between 1853 and 1854Illinois, United States I79665
27 Harris, Hattie A.  Between 1862 and 1863Illinois, United States I103364
28 Harrison, Evelyn   I1034
29 Henry, David Zachariah  Oct 1844Illinois, United States I51311
30 Henry, David Zachariah  Between 1846 and 1847Illinois, United States I51311
31 Henry, Edna Isabella  Oct 1865Illinois, United States I84153
32 Henry, Elizabeth  Jul 1843Illinois, United States I51343
33 Henry, Elizabeth  Between 1844 and 1845Illinois, United States I51343
34 Henry, Nancy E.  Jun 1867Illinois, United States I103552
35 Herron, Elizabeth  Between 1843 and 1844Illinois, United States I104960
36 Hoffmann, Lucy  Jul 1893Illinois, United States I37
37 Houston, Esther LaVerne  11 Nov 1919Illinois, United States I52535
38 Houston, Rachel Mahala  Between 1862 and 1863Illinois, United States I41011
39 Howes, Alfred James  Feb 1897Illinois, United States I53164
40 Howes, Myrtle Effie  16 Jul 1901Illinois, United States I53160
41 Howes, Stephen R.  28 Dec 1865Illinois, United States I52511
42 Huskey, William B.  Between 1854 and 1855Illinois, United States I50673
43 Jessup, Fred J.  24 Sep 1888Illinois, United States I791
44 Kastrup, Arthur Henry  8 Dec 1888Illinois, United States I104971
45 Keeling, Alfred M.  Between 1832 and 1833Illinois, United States I79618
46 Kessinger, Mary Frances  Between 1845 and 1846Illinois, United States I84150
47 Knight, Martha Ann  8 Sep 1843Illinois, United States I103550
48 Knight, Martha Ann  Between 1845 and 1846Illinois, United States I103550
49 Lane, James Edward  Between 1884 and 1885Illinois, United States I51013
50 Leach, Raymond H.  Between 1913 and 1914Illinois, United States I1043

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Still, Harry A.  1920Illinois, United States I52656


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Houston / Whitaker   F21152
2 Weyeneth / Seymour  23 May 1953Illinois, United States F42662