Montgomery-Hoffmann Genealogy

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Indiana, United States


Latitude: 39.7749994, Longitude: -85.5583552


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ale, Ruth  1896Indiana, United States I49015
2 Alma  Between 1872 and 1873Indiana, United States I82311
3 Anna  Jan 1857Indiana, United States I77475
4 Ashba, Andrew  Between 1841 and 1842Indiana, United States I95720
5 Ashba, Andrew B.  May 1863Indiana, United States I95708
6 Ashba, Annabelle   I95704
7 Ashba, Charley  Abt Feb 1860Indiana, United States I96017
8 Ashba, Eliza A.  Between 1843 and 1844Indiana, United States I95721
9 Ashba, Emily  Abt 1850Indiana, United States I95725
10 Ashba, George  Between 1856 and 1857Indiana, United States I96016
11 Ashba, Hester  Between 1854 and 1855Indiana, United States I96015
12 Ashba, James N.  Between 1845 and 1846Indiana, United States I95722
13 Ashba, Jane  Between 1847 and 1848Indiana, United States I95724
14 Ashba, John W.  Between 1845 and 1846Indiana, United States I95723
15 Ashba, Mary C.  Between 1837 and 1838Indiana, United States I95719
16 Ashba, Rhuel  Between 1839 and 1840Indiana, United States I95714
17 Ashba, Ruel Loy  2 Jul 1890Indiana, United States I95710
18 Ashby, Jessie  Nov 1893Indiana, United States I95712
19 Ashby, Ray  Dec 1891Indiana, United States I95711
20 B., Irene  Between 1900 and 1901Indiana, United States I62177
21 Bailey, Gerald   I102836
22 Bailey, Howard J.  Between 1913 and 1914Indiana, United States I790
23 Bailey, Sandra   I102832
24 Barber, Jacob Augustus  27 Jan 1861Indiana, United States I114955
25 Barton, Melissa A.  Abt 1843Indiana, United States I35633
26 Baxter, Noah J.  6 Feb 1864Indiana, United States I96783
27 Belange, Melinda Rose  15 May 1898Indiana, United States I102715
28 Bell, Albert Arnold  Jun 1863Indiana, United States I113819
29 Benoy, Addie  Jan 1885Indiana, United States I78431
30 Benoy, Alice M.  Dec 1859Indiana, United States I78424
31 Benoy, Benona  Sep 1838Indiana, United States I78427
32 Benoy, Edna  Jan 1885Indiana, United States I78432
33 Benoy, Jennie  Jan 1866Indiana, United States I78426
34 Benoy, Louisa  Between 1836 and 1837Indiana, United States I78428
35 Benoy, Mack M.  Jul 1862Indiana, United States I78425
36 Benson, Lucy  31 May 1830Indiana, United States I83205
37 Boehning, Larry G.   I48853
38 Boehning, Thomas   I48855
39 Boerckel, Wynn Scott   I9932
40 Bowman, Lucinda  5 Jul 1826Indiana, United States I44507
41 Brown, Charles V.  Sep 1909Indiana, United States I78452
42 Brown, Juanita   I78453
43 Brown, Mary Ann  1837Indiana, United States I8054
44 Brown, Omer V.  Between 1889 and 1890Indiana, United States I78451
45 Brunson, Belle  1851Indiana, United States I3719
46 Bucher, Garry Allen   I101610
47 C., Margaret  Between 1849 and 1850Indiana, United States I78438
48 Cain, Anna M.  Feb 1871Indiana, United States I58846
49 Caroline  Jul 1864Indiana, United States I85250
50 Catherwood, John  Abt 1850Indiana, United States I89159

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Babcock, Judith  Indiana, United States I2434
2 Baughman, Albert Lee  20 Feb 1937Indiana, United States I89259
3 Chappell, James Matthew  Indiana, United States I88328
4 Curry, Carrie B.  14 Feb 1962Indiana, United States I115663
5 Flowers, Laura B.  4 Apr 1895Indiana, United States I119173
6 Flowers, Martha Frances  1958Indiana, United States I119176
7 Gooch, Henry Clay  1923Indiana, United States I88369
8 Harden, Samuel N.  24 Mar 1883Indiana, United States I114623
9 Henry, David William  Indiana, United States I81740
10 Hughes, Robert Earl  1958Indiana, United States I53025
11 Kennard, Clara Belle  17 Feb 1887Indiana, United States I83892
12 Kennard, Laura Lillie  17 Dec 1885Indiana, United States I83894
13 Knochel, Phillip M.  14 May 1957Indiana, United States I115487
14 Leatherman, Carroll Wesley  5 May 1954Indiana, United States I50045
15 Main, Jesse M.  20 Nov 1862Indiana, United States I47204
16 Maxson, Sarah  Indiana, United States I2128
17 Peter, Paris  14 Dec 1907Indiana, United States I79051
18 Saddler, Nettie Farrell  10 Jun 1926Indiana, United States I85138
19 Stratton, Jerusha  23 Jul 1837Indiana, United States I114714
20 Sweeney, Amanda  15 Feb 1937Indiana, United States I83909
21 Thompson, Jessie May  7 Dec 1963Indiana, United States I44750
22 Tyler, Donald Zinser  22 Apr 1980Indiana, United States I62963


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Benson, Lucy  Jun 1830Indiana, United States I83205
2 Clayton, Marshel E.  Jul 1860Indiana, United States I89486
3 Corey, William Henry H.  Feb 1853Indiana, United States I42870
4 Cory, Dayton S.  Jul 1849Indiana, United States I43248
5 Cory, James M.  Between 1853 and 1854Indiana, United States I42871
6 Cory, Jessie Bell  Between 1868 and 1869Indiana, United States I42875
7 Cory, Mary Belle  Apr 1864Indiana, United States I42872
8 Cory, Sarah F.  Jan 1850Indiana, United States I42873
9 Coy, Julia A.  1837Indiana, United States I80134
10 Davis, Thomas Clayton  Abt Aug 1850Indiana, United States I89555
11 Deem, Leanora  Between 1851 and 1852Indiana, United States I42881
12 Doron, Sarah  Between 1843 and 1844Indiana, United States I89524
13 Dorton, Martha  Between 1823 and 1824Indiana, United States I42867
14 F., Mary  Apr 1839Indiana, United States I114627
15 Fergus, Elenora Ora  Between 1867 and 1868Indiana, United States I78442
16 Ford, Maude Viola  Between 1883 and 1884Indiana, United States I99859
17 Ford, Maude Viola  Between 1887 and 1888Indiana, United States I99859
18 Gunzelman, Martin F.  May 1871Indiana, United States I110594
19 Haines, William E.   I89685
20 Harden, Eliza  23 Nov 1851Indiana, United States I114624
21 Harden, Emma G.  Between 1890 and 1891Indiana, United States I114607
22 Harden, Mary  May 1831Indiana, United States I114618
23 Harden, Mary  Between 1837 and 1838Indiana, United States I114618
24 Kaysmeyer, Henry  Between 1879 and 1880Indiana, United States I109704
25 Linek, Louisa M.  30 Jan 1875Indiana, United States I42884
26 Loy, Addie M.  Between Mar 1866 and Mar 1869Indiana, United States I95709
27 Marker, Henry Fred  1854Indiana, United States I1555
28 Peters, Pearl A.  Between 1908 and 1909Indiana, United States I48929
29 Platt, Presley H.  Mar 1864Indiana, United States I58455
30 Platt, Walter Augusta  May 1880Indiana, United States I58840
31 Scott, Margaret Katherine  21 Feb 1853Indiana, United States I43293
32 Stahler, James L.   I99583
33 Stearns, Mary  16 Dec 1814Indiana, United States I89547
34 Sweeney, Newton J.  Between 1845 and 1846Indiana, United States I79236
35 Swing, Carol Diane   I48949
36 Willson, Benjamin Franklin  Mar 1860Indiana, United States I46254


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Marti, Edna Ella  12 Mar 1928Indiana, United States I49058


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Swing, Gael D.  1954Indiana, United States I48922


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Davis / Maxson  27 Apr 1853Indiana, United States F42920
2 Moore / Hohulin  2 Jul 1938Indiana, United States F17628
3 Platt / Mann  14 Mar 1875Indiana, United States F23196
4 Spence / Peter  1 Jun 1826Indiana, United States F29481
5 Wooley / Jean   F42418