Montgomery-Hoffmann Genealogy

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Kansas, United States


Latitude: 38.5000022, Longitude: -97.6702819


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 A., Myrtle  Between 1891 and 1892Kansas, United States I99760
2 A., Ruth  Between 1895 and 1896Kansas, United States I78027
3 Baker, Elna M.  Between 1909 and 1910Kansas, United States I113368
4 Barnett, Herbert  15 Feb 1912Kansas, United States I110573
5 Barnett, Jone   I110593
6 Barthel, Effie E.  Between 1903 and 1904Kansas, United States I90526
7 Barthel, Eva B.  Between 1905 and 1906Kansas, United States I90527
8 Barthel, Fay E.  Between 1902 and 1903Kansas, United States I90525
9 Barthel, Minnie A.  Sep 1898Kansas, United States I90523
10 Barthel, William L.  Between 1900 and 1901Kansas, United States I90524
11 Bilderbeck, Minnie D.  1878Kansas, United States I46149
12 Blackburn, Maxine H.  Between 1911 and 1912Kansas, United States I99758
13 Bond, Raymond Clyde  4 Jun 1916Kansas, United States I115722
14 Boyland, Francis Marion  1879Kansas, United States I1325
15 Brooks, Arlin Eleanor  Abt 1904Kansas, United States I3736
16 Buffenbarger, Judith   I110588
17 Buffenbarger, Judson  16 Jun 1921Kansas, United States I110584
18 Buffenbarger, Zola Mae  17 Sep 1919Kansas, United States I110583
19 C., Janet  1896Kansas, United States I106349
20 Christison, Alfred  Abt 1875Kansas, United States I87836
21 Christison, Charles  Abt 1878Kansas, United States I87851
22 Christison, Jane  Abt 1877Kansas, United States I87837
23 Christison, Martha  Abt 1879Kansas, United States I87852
24 Christison, Nancy  Abt 1879Kansas, United States I87838
25 Covey, Anna R.  Jul 1892Kansas, United States I91025
26 Covey, Charles Verne  May 1887Kansas, United States I91023
27 Covey, Earl J.  Oct 1885Kansas, United States I91022
28 Covey, Roy B.  Oct 1889Kansas, United States I91024
29 Crandall, Edna K.  Between 1884 and 1885Kansas, United States I90469
30 Crawford, Sadie  Between 1893 and 1894Kansas, United States I105394
31 Crouch, Harriet I.   I32167
32 D., Edith  Between 1911 and 1912Kansas, United States I110592
33 Daharsh, Edith Eilene   I99799
34 Daharsh, Floyd A.   I99800
35 Daharsh, Lela Marie  24 Feb 1925Kansas, United States I83185
36 Daharsh, Lola   I105958
37 Davidson, Bonnie Marie  6 Feb 1913Kansas, United States I110571
38 Davidson, Clyde E.  27 Apr 1918Kansas, United States I110577
39 Davidson, Elva Ruth  Apr 1898Kansas, United States I110567
40 Davidson, Harold Lloyd  6 Dec 1909Kansas, United States I110570
41 Davidson, Lawrence   I110591
42 Davidson, Lawrence O.  4 Jan 1907Kansas, United States I110569
43 Davidson, Nina V.  Oct 1899Kansas, United States I110568
44 Davis, Edna B.  Between 1886 and 1887Kansas, United States I107514
45 Davis, Lillie  Between 1870 and 1871Kansas, United States I114294
46 Davis, Ralph  Sep 1889Kansas, United States I78511
47 Demler, John  10 Jan 1889Kansas, United States I1116
48 Dotson, Earl Dean   I88667
49 Drummond, Agnes B.  1878Kansas, United States I78283
50 Drummond, John  Between 1879 and 1880Kansas, United States I78284

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bowers, Mabrey A.  Aft 1880Kansas, United States I82172
2 Chaney, William Davis  6 Jan 1897Kansas, United States I8783
3 Christison, Thomas Edward  6 Oct 1873Kansas, United States I87844
4 Clarke, Sarah Ann  1 Jul 1905Kansas, United States I119642
5 Congdon, John Russell  Kansas, United States I19245
6 Congdon, Pearl M.  Kansas, United States I19244
7 Conkling, Joseph Cory  6 Sep 1872Kansas, United States I45034
8 Cottrell, Jennie  1914Kansas, United States I118318
9 Harden, Homer Thomas  27 Jan 1939Kansas, United States I114646
10 Hohulin, William Martin  16 Mar 1970Kansas, United States I42271
11 Huxley, Georgia Edith  1946Kansas, United States I84132
12 Peter, James McDonald  Aft 1880Kansas, United States I79130
13 Saunders, Deborah  1906Kansas, United States I21668
14 Saunders, Sarah Maria  Aft 20 Nov 1891Kansas, United States I14680
15 Sweeney, Joseph Welby  23 Apr 1925Kansas, United States I41061
16 Whelock, Chloe  Between 1875 and 1880Kansas, United States I21143


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beard, Frank Alan  Between 1912 and 1913Kansas, United States I50809
2 Griffin, Earnest C.  Jul 1873Kansas, United States I89670
3 Gunzelman, Dewey M.  Dec 1899Kansas, United States I110598
4 Langworthy, Arthur  Feb 1883Kansas, United States I46162
5 Langworthy, Bailey W.  Jul 1895Kansas, United States I32171
6 Langworthy, George  Mar 1886Kansas, United States I81140
7 Langworthy, Paul Oliver   I46166
8 Park, Ruah  Mar 1877Kansas, United States I78253
9 Saunders, S. Wesley  Sep 1884Kansas, United States I21169
10 Schott, Anna Magdalene  20 Nov 1889Kansas, United States I431
11 Stillman, Myra L.  Mar 1879Kansas, United States I89666
12 Webb, Joseph Ralph  1 Sep 1901Kansas, United States I110627


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gunzelman / McCauley  11 Nov 1916Kansas, United States F40989
2 Hurley / Bond  20 Nov 1900Kansas, United States F43258
3 Stillman /   8 Dec 1860Kansas, United States F44826
4 Swope / Garrison  Kansas, United States F19877