Montgomery-Hoffmann Genealogy

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Missouri, United States


Latitude: 38.2916633, Longitude: -91.6000232


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adkins, Bessie  Abt 1881Missouri, United States I88843
2 Adkins, Ernest W.  Abt 1892Missouri, United States I88845
3 Adkins, Herschel Oscar  Abt 1898Missouri, United States I88846
4 Adkins, Isaac  Missouri, United States I88847
5 Adkins, Lonnie Logan  Abt 1878Missouri, United States I88842
6 Adkins, Melvin  Abt 1888Missouri, United States I88844
7 Alexander, Howard A.  Feb 1870Missouri, United States I83713
8 Alexander, William Gay  25 Feb 1867Missouri, United States I43288
9 Ann, Julia  Between 1856 and 1857Missouri, United States I109526
10 Annette  26 Apr 1883Missouri, United States I88718
11 Ausmus, Samuel T.  Between 1858 and 1859Missouri, United States I104442
12 Ayers, Ava Wilda  Between 1905 and 1906Missouri, United States I77755
13 Ayers, Caleb Maxson  Feb 1871Missouri, United States I44985
14 Ayers, Charles F.  May 1869Missouri, United States I44984
15 Ayers, Milford J.   I77758
16 B., Susan  30 Nov 1828Missouri, United States I80514
17 Barker, Laura Effie  Jan 1873Missouri, United States I105312
18 Benson, Polly Elvira  Between 1834 and 1835Missouri, United States I40548
19 Blanch  Between 1886 and 1887Missouri, United States I77754
20 Braley, James M.  Between 1824 and 1825Missouri, United States I83709
21 Braley, Sarah Ann  Aug 1830Missouri, United States I43257
22 Brees, Thomas Harding  8 Feb 1921Missouri, United States I94597
23 Brooks, Samuel Donald  Abt 1902Missouri, United States I3735
24 Brooks, William Franklin  Abt 1905Missouri, United States I3737
25 Brown, James  Feb 1870Missouri, United States I114732
26 Brown, Mary Alice  3 Aug 1860Missouri, United States I84810
27 Brown, Robert  Feb 1870Missouri, United States I114733
28 Brown, Sallie A.  8 Dec 1869Missouri, United States I85262
29 Butcher, Richard   I83152
30 C., Addie  Jan 1846Missouri, United States I89669
31 Cain, Alice M.  Between 1901 and 1902Missouri, United States I105316
32 Cain, Claude  Mar 1896Missouri, United States I105314
33 Cain, George L.  Abt Nov 1909Missouri, United States I105319
34 Cain, Gladys M.  Jun 1898Missouri, United States I105315
35 Cain, Leon  Between 1903 and 1904Missouri, United States I105317
36 Cain, Virginia  Between 1907 and 1908Missouri, United States I105318
37 Carpenter, Frances P.  31 Mar 1843Missouri, United States I88397
38 Carveth, C. Eugene   I51228
39 Chaney, William R.   I106415
40 Clayton, Bessie  Jun 1880Missouri, United States I89546
41 Clayton, Ora  Between 1877 and 1878Missouri, United States I89545
42 Conrad, Roy  12 May 1907Missouri, United States I85225
43 Corey, Joe  Between 1879 and 1880Missouri, United States I99845
44 Corey, Sallie  Between 1877 and 1878Missouri, United States I99844
45 Cory, Alfred  Aug 1897Missouri, United States I99853
46 Crow, Elizabeth M.  Jul 1863Missouri, United States I43321
47 Daharsh, Frank Arthur  31 Jan 1893Missouri, United States I49211
48 Dale, Mary C.  Abt 1844Missouri, United States I80507
49 Dale, Russell M.  Abt 1849Missouri, United States I80509
50 Dale, Sarah D.  Abt 1842Missouri, United States I80506

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Britts, Eugenia Salmon  27 Apr 1949Missouri, United States I88273
2 Carpenter, Frances P.  23 Dec 1907Missouri, United States I88397
3 Clarke, Emma A.  20 Oct 1870Missouri, United States I5452
4 Drummond, Lucinda Patterson  1915Missouri, United States I84114
5 Eaker, Susannah Jane  11 Oct 1877Missouri, United States I94543
6 Garth, Nellie  26 May 1913Missouri, United States I80393
7 Gist, Elizabeth A.  15 Dec 1874Missouri, United States I80539
8 Hardman, Earl  Abt 1896Missouri, United States I84824
9 Hardman, Henry  Abt 1993Missouri, United States I84821
10 Hardman, Lizzie  Abt 1880Missouri, United States I84813
11 Hardman, Pearl  Abt 1896Missouri, United States I84825
12 Hardman, Willie  Abt 1994Missouri, United States I84820
13 Harmon, George Lambert  Missouri, United States I80877
14 Hyatt, Elizabeth Lucinda  Abt 1858Missouri, United States I78878
15 Kirtley, Frank L.  Aft 1920Missouri, United States I88975
16 Lidgard, Ruth May  Jan 1967Missouri, United States I52708
17 McFadin, Robert  Abt 1901Missouri, United States I89158
18 Metcalf, Arthur Costello  Mar 1965Missouri, United States I44929
19 Miller, David  26 Aug 1885Missouri, United States I87779
20 Miller, Isabell  Aft 1910Missouri, United States I80580
21 Miller, Walter  Missouri, United States I87777
22 Orr, Minnie May  7 May 1883Missouri, United States I80257
23 Owen, Walter Edwin  7 Nov 1943Missouri, United States I80380
24 Peter, Armenius  Missouri, United States I79053
25 Peter, Kiturah  Missouri, United States I77892
26 Reinhardt, Sarah  Missouri, United States I80903
27 Snodgrass, Thomas C.  15 Feb 1906Missouri, United States I80520
28 Snodgrass, William P.  29 Dec 1907Missouri, United States I80486
29 Spence, Jahaziel  10 Nov 1843Missouri, United States I79125
30 Spence, Jordan Peter  1 Mar 1835Missouri, United States I79121
31 Spence, Susan Ellen  7 Aug 1841Missouri, United States I79126
32 Sweeney, Benjamin  Missouri, United States I77805
33 Sweeney, George Marion  4 Jun 1856Missouri, United States I79208
34 Sweeney, Joel  Aft 1920Missouri, United States I78897
35 Sweeney, Jordon James  15 Jan 1933Missouri, United States I41063
36 Sweeney, Thomas Harvey  23 Apr 1857Missouri, United States I79207
37 Teeters, Sarah Elizabeth  7 Apr 1913Missouri, United States I94558
38 Wakefield, Mary Alice  Aft 1900Missouri, United States I81928
39 Waters, Isaac H.  28 May 1864Missouri, United States I50643
40 Waters, Zachariah J.  15 Jul 1853Missouri, United States I50644
41 Winn, Fantley Leroy  6 Nov 1951Missouri, United States I52709
42 Yankee, John Forl  Aft 1880Missouri, United States I50646
43 Yankee, William Frederick  1929Missouri, United States I84189


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Davenport, Maude Eudors  Missouri, United States I84120
2 Miller, Walter  Missouri, United States I87777
3 Peter, Kiturah  Missouri, United States I77892
4 Schooling, Ora  Missouri, United States I85261
5 Spence, John  Missouri, United States I79116
6 Wakefield, Alice Coples  Missouri, United States I81926
7 Wakefield, Mary Elizabeth  Missouri, United States I81927


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 A., Susan  Nov 1836Missouri, United States I83712
2 Braly, Elizabeth  Between 1836 and 1837Missouri, United States I43312
3 Bruce, William Willis  21 Aug 1861Missouri, United States I6479
4 C., Addie  Between 1851 and 1852Missouri, United States I89669
5 Crouch, Alexander  1842Missouri, United States I81149
6 Drinkard, Joseph  Feb 1892Missouri, United States I103488
7 Drinkard, William R.  Mar 1867Missouri, United States I103487
8 Elizabeth, Mary  Between 1913 and 1914Missouri, United States I99585
9 Hardman, Myrtle  2 Jan 1894Missouri, United States I84826
10 Lidgard, Talmadge Earl  Jun 1896Missouri, United States I84166
11 Lippincott, Cornelius  1865Missouri, United States I44990
12 Lippincott, Joshua  1871Missouri, United States I44992
13 Marti, Edna Ella  Abt Jan 1909Missouri, United States I49058
14 McDowell, Moses D.  Feb 1872Missouri, United States I50885
15 Murphy, James Henry  11 Sep 1856Missouri, United States I51316
16 Murphy, Paulina  9 Sep 1854Missouri, United States I2402
17 Ralph, Cornelia May  Between 1923 and 1924Missouri, United States I103894
18 Ross, Frank Ely  Between 1868 and 1869Missouri, United States I42879
19 Scott, John Walter  Between 1855 and 1856Missouri, United States I53263
20 Scott, John Walter  22 Aug 1857Missouri, United States I53263
21 Scott, Mary E.  Aug 1858Missouri, United States I53264
22 Waters, Alice Eva  Nov 1896Missouri, United States I88832
23 Waters, Lavina Pauline  Jul 1898Missouri, United States I88833
24 Waters, Mary Elizabeth  May 1890Missouri, United States I88829
25 Waters, Nancy Frances  Dec 1888Missouri, United States I88828
26 Wilson, George Clinton  Jan 1839Missouri, United States I83191
27 Winder, Luella Dottie  Jul 1895Missouri, United States I53295
28 Winder, Roy Walter  Between 1895 and 1896Missouri, United States I53290


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Hunkler, Hulda Catherine  22 Dec 1980Missouri, United States I995


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bradley / Jones  7 Mar 1880Missouri, United States F30447
2 Catherwood / Board  Aft 1901Missouri, United States F31204
3 Grady / Sweeney  17 Oct 1883Missouri, United States F29881
4 Kerns / DeShon  1916Missouri, United States F32846
5 Kerr / Grady  26 Jun 1912Missouri, United States F30552
6 Maxson / Marrs  25 Dec 1873Missouri, United States F1345
7 Mayfield / Williams  11 Apr 1841Missouri, United States F20894
8 McDonald / North  5 Jun 1866Missouri, United States F29919
9 McLogin / Wakefield  1878Missouri, United States F30967
10 Paterson / Hendrix  Abt 1884Missouri, United States F31046
11 Saunders / Carnehan  1873Missouri, United States F6276
12 Saunders / Latimer  1871Missouri, United States F6275
13 Schooling / Brown  6 May 1888Missouri, United States F30200
14 Schooling / Graves  10 Aug 1871Missouri, United States F29984
15 Schooling / Rowland  11 Oct 1882Missouri, United States F30199
16 Snodgrass / E.  Abt 1882Missouri, United States F30429
17 Snodgrass / Hunter  Abt 1875Missouri, United States F30428
18 Sweeney / Miller  Missouri, United States F29823