Montgomery-Hoffmann Genealogy

Leafing out our family tree


 #   Report Name   Description 
1. Age at Death Age at death in descending order (some are approximations) 
2. All Relatives with Military Activity  
3. Average Lifespan by Surname  
4. Burial Locations All family burial locations 
5. Cause of Death Causes of death for all individuals 
6. Cause of Death Ranked by Frequency  
7. Families with the Most Children Families in our genealogy with the highest number of children 
8. Frequency of Occupation  
9. Individuals Married Age 18 or Less Individuals married under 18 years of age 
10. List of Occupations  
11. Non-Indexed Places Locations with no latitude/longitude 
12. Number of Individuals by Age at Death  
13. Rock County Burials  
14. Top Given Names