Adventures in Genealogy

One of these days I am going to get this right. I think I have begun approximately 9742 different genealogy websites to date, the latest being the genealogy database one at  My goal, as ever, is to enslave others to my own genealogical addiction.  What better way than to start another genealogical project:  THE BLOG!  I figure this will be a good method for spreading the genealogical joy I uncover while doing research.  Thanks, Sarah, for inspiring me with the blog idea!

My current project (one of these days I will have genealogical whiplash from jumping from one project to another) is to transcribe the Moses Sweeney Descendants CD I purchased from J. Harvey Sweeney, Jr.  So far I am on page 107 of 1224.  Moses Sweeney was my 6-great-grandfather on Dad’s side of the family:  me-Theodore-Blanche-Carl-Lucinda-Celia-Cassandra-Celah-Moses.  The most interesting thing about this branch is that after leaving Ireland they settled in Buckingham County, Virginia, not 40 miles from where Matt chose to go to graduate school (and then stayed).  An added coincidence is that the Sweeneys only stayed in Buckingham for about a generation, moving on to land grants in what would later become Kentucky; some of the Sweeney descendants settled in Danville, Kentucky, home of Centre College, Matt’s undergrad alma mater.

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Genealogy

  1. I am 5th generation of Moses and Elizabeth from Loncoln, kentucky I have so much stuff on him he was a great man and I am still finding stuff

  2. Hi,
    I too am a distant Borden cousin….and jokingly at church tell the folks to “watch out”….my wife’s maiden name is Montgomery. Her gr-gr-grandfather Montgomery is a co-founder of Centre College in Danville. She has Stewart, Sneed and other cousins there as well. I got chased out of the cemetery there by a tornado…was looking for tombstones and someone took offense. I am also a Willson. Mine were born in NJ in the 1790s and went to Monroe Co., NY. where one married a Jonathan Harris. Both born in NJ and married ca 1810. Cannot find either’s family in NJ.
    Rev. Cory Randall
    Bloomfield Hills, MI

  3. It’s amazing all the information you have found and how there are so many people/places familiar to us now. No wonder you are hooked on genealogy. Even if I would be too lazy to do so much work.

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