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Tombstone Tuesday – A Plethora of Greats

A few years back on one of our many genealogical field trips, Mom and I realized that she (and I) have seen all eight of her great-grandparents’ tombstones.  This is one definite advantage to having most of your relatives stay put in the same general vicinity after emigrating to America; all eight of these ancestors are laid to rest within a 150-mile radius, from Francesville, Indiana, to Washington, Illinois. Here they are in ahnentafel order:

Jacob Hoffmann
b. September 18, 1836 in Mackwiller, France
d. January 20, 1914 in Fairbury, Illinois
bur. Graceland Cemetery, Fairbury, Illinois
Christina (Schmidt) Hoffmann
b. March 30, 1850 in Butten, France
d. September 16, 1908 in Cissna Park, Illinois
bur. Cissna Park Cemetery, Cissna Park, Illinois
Samuel Slagel
b. November 30, 1849 in Wisconsin (?)
d. November 29, 1937 in Fairbury, Illinois
bur. Graceland Cemetery, Fairbury, Illinois
Mary/Maria (Demler) Slagel/Schlegel
b. January 17, 1855 in Baden, Germany
d. February 3, 1928 in Fairbury, Illinois
bur. Graceland Cemetery, Fairbury, Illinois
Albert Carl Swing
b. October 24, 1859 in Akron, Ohio
d. October 14, 1922 in Francesville, Indiana
Catherine (Hoffmann) Swing
b. February 2, 1862 in Remicourt, France
d. March 15, 1931 in Francesville, Indiana
Both bur. Roseland Cemetery, Francesville, Indiana
George John Hunkler b. September 20, 1862 in St. Gallen, Switzerland d. December 2, 1934 in Elmwood, Illinois Maria Elizabeth (Rusch) Hunkler b. December 25, 1859 in St. Gallen, Switzerland d. September 27, 1948 in El Paso, Illinois Both bur. Glendale Cemetery, Washington, Illinois

This means, of course, that I have visited the graves of 8 of my own great-great-grandparents.  My 8 paternal great-great-grandparents (and even my own 8 great-grandparents) are a little more widespread, but I’m making headway there as well.  Now  if only I could figure out where Lucinda Blanche (Davis) Wilson is buried…I might just have to plan another field trip.

3 thoughts on “Tombstone Tuesday – A Plethora of Greats”

  1. Bonjour Megan
    Felicitations pour toutes vos recherches sur les origines de la famille. Que de travail ! Pour les membres qui me sont les plus proches cela me permet de completer les données de mon fichier avec par exemple les pierres tombales ou les détails de leur vie d’alors. Merci.
    En ce qui me concerne je suis toujours à la recherche d’infos concernant le décès de mon arrière-grand-père Jean Nicolas Hoffmann né en 1833 à Weyer, le frère de Jacob Hoffmann. Malgrès tous mes efforts je n’ai pu savoir quand il est décédé ni ou il repose. Auriez vous quelques indices à ce sujet dans la vie de Jacob ?
    Si un jour vous faites un voyage en France dite-le nous car nous serions heureux de vous acceuillir.
    Avec toutes nos amitiés

    1. Thank you for your comments – I’m glad you enjoy reading the blog! Unfortunately, I don’t have much information on Jean Nicolas Hoffmann (in fact, much of what I got originated with you, I think!). The pamphlet Jacob’s son Joseph wrote up about his father’s emigration to America indicates Jacob eventually lost touch with all his siblings – have you seen this pamphlet? I will definitely keep your search in mind and let you know if I find anything else. And my mom and I would love someday to come to France and see where our Hoffmann ancestors originated – and to meet you!

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