Friday’s Faces from the Past – Lyle

Several posts here have focused on my great-grandfather, Charles William Montgomery. This photograph depicts Charles and his second wife, Lyle, whom he married less than a year before his death. Family records I had seen early in my genealogical adventures referred to her as “Mrs. Lyle” – since then I have seen letters written to Grandpa by the newly-married couple from “Your father and Lyle,” and Charles’s death certificate lists his widow’s name as “Lyle Montgomery.” It would therefore seem Lyle was actually her first name, though the Baby Name Voyager indicates that at no time was Lyle in the top 1000 female names. I have a couple of letters Lyle wrote to my grandfather following Charles’s death, but after 1942 no record of her remains. This leaves a lot of unknowns – was she a widow when she married Charles at about age 55, or was this her first marriage?  Did she marry again after Charles’s death?  And when and where did she die?

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