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Genealogical Discoveries

Recent findings, new family tree branches, never-before-seen photos…

Found lots of family graves in West Virginia:  Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery in Salem, and Masonic Memorial Park and Blockhouse Cemetery in West Union.

I’ve uncovered some more source material regarding my great-grandmother Laura Maud (Walker) Montgomery and her entry into the asylum in Pueblo. Colorado.

Check out “Ken and Melissa’s Family History Website,” a genealogy web page created by descendants of Mary Edna (Mamie) Montgomery Kimble, sister of Lawrence Theodore (L.T.) Montgomery.  Ken and Melissa’s page includes a photo of Charles William and Laura Maud (Walker) Montgomery and their daughters (before L.T. and his brothers were born).


2022: Rinda Montgomery and a colleague are two years in to a new business venture, and their new webpage design is available at

2016: Rinda Montgomery wrote a book! In the photo below, Rinda is on the left, her co-author on the right, and in the middle are the two teachers whose work they discussed in their book.

May 25, 2013: David Andrew Schor graduates from Lewis and Clark University’s Law School

May 2008:  Rinda Montgomery-Conwell was awarded the Justice Prentice Award for furthering the cause of education through Oregon Education Service Districts. Two are awarded each year at the annual conference.

Event Archives

August 13, 2006:  Likness-Tamate Wedding

July 23, 2004: Debbie Schor marries J.P. Dion


May 3, 2014: Frederic Michael Dion, son of J.P. Dion and Deborah Christine Schor
April 27, 2011: Madeline Elizabeth Dion, daughter of J.P. Dion and Deborah Christine Schor
April 5, 2011:  Benjamin Leander Montgomery, son of Matthew Richard and Cheryl Lynne (Likness) Montgomery
July 8, 2008:  Ethan James Crabtree, son of Aaron Scott and Cindy Joanne (Hoffmann)  Crabtree
July 9, 2006:  Abigail Rose Stevens, daughter of Todd Jeffrey and Jodie Marie (Morris) Stevens
July 6, 2006:  Emily Grace Meister, daughter of James Martin and Rita (McNeeley) Meister
February 18, 2006:  Owen Alexander Crabtree, son of Aaron Scott and Cindy Joanne (Hoffmann) Crabtree


December 3, 2016: Rinda Mae Montgomery and Ronald Roy Carroll

June 13, 2008: Marna June Montgomery to David Lee Blake
June 2, 2007: Catherine Rosemary Hoffman to Luke Fehr
August 13, 2006:  Eric Lee Likness to Mariko Tamate
July 15, 2006:  Katie Jean Maurer to Michael G. (Mikey) Meints
July 23, 2004: Deborah Christine Schor to John-Paul (J.P.) Dion

In Memoriam

November 27, 2022: William George Oestreich
July 19, 2022: Martin James Meister
April 2, 2022: Roger George Ifft
March 21, 2022: Linda Jo Hoffmann Montgomery
February 16, 2015: Morris Walter Montgomery; read Rinda’s memorial for her dad
January 10, 2012:  Rita Mae Wacken Montgomery; read Rinda’s memorial for her mom
October 9, 2011:  Kay Hoffman Stevens
September 12, 2009:  William Clarence Montgomery
July 26, 2009:  Myrtle Charlotte Montgomery Carlyle
June 20, 2009:  Clyde Hoffman
March 27, 2009:  Lester Lee Hopkins
November 11, 2007:  Elaine Ifft Kuenzi
July 3, 2007:  Velma Swing Hoffmann
June 4, 2007: Jeannette Strode Kilgus
January 6, 2007: Norma Zimmerman Hoffman
August 19, 2006:  Paul Hoffman
March 23, 2006:  Samuel Nathaniel Hoffman