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# Occupation Person ID Last Name First Name Tree
151 Administrator, Concepts in Coping, Inc.
I150830  Hines  John Ronald  main 
152 Admitted to the bar
I139437  Barclay  David  main 
153 Admitting clerk
I122755  Neeley  Linda Sue  main 
154 Advertising agent
I85438  Cameron  William Henry  main 
155 Advertising executive; creator of McGruff the Crime Dog
I139548  Keil  John Mullan  main 
156 Advertising Man
I128106  Glascock  Joseph William  main 
157 Advertising manager, retail department store
I128314  Shaw  Elston Edwin  main 
158 Advertising Sales
I80554  Bee  Ralph Ferman  main 
159 Advertising typist
I53919  Montgomery  Margret R.  main 
160 Advertising typist
I53918  Montgomery  Martha  main 
161 Advertising, newspaper
I85438  Cameron  William Henry  main 
162 Aeronaut, airplane
I126919  Davis  Reed Ellsworth  main 
163 Agent
I58230  Hodge  Albert Lafayette  main 
164 Agent
I77445  Jones  Harold Vern  main 
165 Agent
I37140  Paige  Hattie A.  main 
166 Agent
I43408  Ross  Charles Clark  main 
167 Agent, Big Four Railroad
I83700  Cory  George Hatch  main 
168 Agent, fruit trees
I82612  Simpson  William  main 
169 Agent, furniture polish
I109107  Zipp  Waneta May  main 
170 Agent, Grand Union
I149267  Wilder  Henry D.  main 
171 Agent, implement company
I690  Robinson  Roy  main 
172 Agent, insurance
I106381  Jones  Raymond H.  main 
173 Agent, insurance company
I373  Crouch  Hobart Wiseman  main 
174 Agent, insurance company
I122548  Richards  George William  main 
175 Agent, mining
I109545  Page  Alfred  main 
176 Agent, N.E. R.R.
I106381  Jones  Raymond H.  main 
177 Agent, New York Life Insurance
I99912  Whisler  George H.  main 
178 Agent, newspaper company
I100128  Brown  Austin Cravath  main 
179 Agent, oil
I37655  Wilder  Almanzo James  main 
180 Agent, oil company
I143191  Ruff  Rolland  main 
181 Agent, oil company
I148600  Shannon  Louis John  main 
182 Agent, photo company
I122392  Richards  Lester Bryan  main 
183 Agent, railroad
I103123  Scillian  Daniel Harper  main 
184 Agent, ready-to-wear
I89664  Griffin  Lillian Gertrude  main 
185 Agent, real estate
I51124  Waters  Tilford C.  main 
186 Agent, State Department of Excise
I90215  Rogers  Geno C.  main 
187 Agricultural plant breeder
I115013  Van Horn  Donald Le Roy  main 
188 Air Force Officer
I147581  Jernstedt  Maurice Luther  main 
189 Air Legion teacher
I80550  Shilt  Noble Crawford  main 
190 Aircraft mechanic
I10895  Gray  Robert Michael  main 
191 Airplane mechanic, airport
I127092  Sayre  Walter Deforest  main 
192 Allison Engineering Co.
I135495  Hensel  Dayton Jasper  main 
193 Allopathic physician
I43284  Hablutzel  Charles E.  main 
194 Allopathy physician
I5516  Maxon  Orrin Teall  main 
195 Along with 5 others, appointed to mend all arms presented to him
I2558  Babcock  James  main 
196 American Red Cross during WWII
I149721  Doud  Marjorie E.  main 
197 American Steel Works
I147883  Huston  Clarence Recellas  main 
198 American Telephone & Telegraph Co.
I147202  Dunn  Harry Eston  main 
199 AMF Mechanic
I150550  Trone  Delman Lee  main 
200 Anchor assembler, anchor manufacture
I133672  Kanatzar  Verdell  main 

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