Memories of Flo (Montgomery) Hopkins

My Version of Coming to Idaho 1944

I just finished my sophomore year and had a job as nurse’s aid in a hospital. Dad decided to go to Idaho. One of their friends said Emmett, Idaho would be a great place to live and find work. They later found out they [friends] had moved on to California. Mom, Dad, Morris, Bill, and I left in a 1927 Chevrolet with me bawling all the way–did not want to leave my job, school, or friends. Myrtle who was not quite 12 yrs old was left with rest of family. Irene was working for an aunt in S. Dak. We had car trouble in Pocatello (I remember being parked by cemetery for hours) I can’t remember where we slept or what we ate. We arrived in Caldwell and the Farm Labor Camp became our home–they were called “The Lambing Sheds” We started immediately picking fruit at Symms Fruit Ranch. Dad was soon contacted by sheriffs office that he was needed by family in Neb. Morris and I remained until dad and mom arrived with rest of family. We all lived at Labor Camp until dad found job working for Ray Pershall near Marsing. I remained in Caldwell worked for board and room and McCluskeys restaurant and finished high school. I hated leaving Nebraska but have never regretted coming to Idaho.